FlightPanel 1.5.0

Source:Octopus Motor

FlightPanel shows working aircraft cockpit gauges using the phone's sensors.

FlightPanel recreates functional airplane cockpit gauges using the phone's built-in GPS, accelerometer, magnetic compass, clock, and battery info.

It's a fun way to show off your phone, especially if you're an aviation enthusiast, but it is not FAA rated nor meant to replace actual avionics. Phone sensors work on completely different principles!

FlightPanel is only as accurate as your phone's sensors. Many of the gauges in FlightPanel require a clear GPS signal to work properly. Slow or noisy GPS updates, magnetic compass calibration issues, etc. are problems or limitations with your PHONE'S HARDWARE, not the APP.

The app works on almost all devices, but there are MANY different hardware devices and some work better than others.

Please do not use comments / ratings to report bugs. We cannot contact or help you that way. Send us an email and we'll do our best to help you.

If you are unsatisfied, you can get an instant automatic refund from the Android Market within 15 minutes. Or you can send us an email telling us why and we'll give you a refund.

Easy technical support email built into the app... just select Menu->Help->Get Help by Email

The INOP tags are a new feature which shows gauges that are not (yet) functioning because there is missing or uncalibrated hardware (in the case of the magnetic compass or artificial horizon), or because the GPS is turned off, or has not sent any position data for an extended period of time.

The INOP tags should automatically disappear after calibration or once data arrives from the GPS and the gauges start updating real data. These INOP tags can be hidden via preferences.


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OS:Android 1.6 and up

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